Red Sun

by Three Leg Dog

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Antony Mills
Antony Mills thumbnail
Antony Mills Is Estonia the new Finland? These guys did a damn good job of putting together an album. Each song is it's own, but retains an overall "feel". Favorite track: Wolf.
Hann thumbnail
Hann Got high, went for a night hike up a mountain and listened to this album. Great times, great album.
Mubla Na Thguob
Mubla Na Thguob thumbnail
Mubla Na Thguob This music just kept growing on me until I had to have this. And the hell of it is, that if this comes out on vinyl I'm gonna have to buy it all over again. Favorite track: Stars.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky I never pay this much for digital, but Three Leg Dog completely blew my mind with its stoner infused fuzzy blues soaking with psychedelic bliss. The price is high, but the bone chilling grooves are paramount. Its as if Black Cowgirl merged with Youngblood Supercult for world domination. Favorite track: Red Sun.
codking thumbnail
codking Epic start to finish. Dynamic, thoughtful, sometimes almost frantic, this is music the way it should be.
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released September 26, 2016

Kristjan Pärkson - Vocals, Guitars
Joonatan Nõgisto - Bass
Aimar Sepp - Drums

Birdeye Entertainment BIRDEYE 0003

All music & lyrics by Three Leg Dog

Recorded and engineered by Karl Sirelpuu at Birdeye Studio.
Mixed by Silver Lepaste at Clockwork Studio.
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.
Design & artwork by Toom Tragel

Additional musicians:
Joonas Mattias Sarapuu - keyboards

Three Leg Dog would like to thank:
Silver Lepaste, Jens Bogren & Tony Lindgren, Mikk Simson, Kostja Tsõbulevski, Kaspar Brandt, Timo Tali, Craig Gibson, Martin Borkmann, Liina Karo, Eliisa+Joosep & the entire Sirelpuu family, Martin Randalu, Aiki+Johanna Pärkson, Mike Both, Martin Kokser, Ville Henrik Roo



all rights reserved


Three Leg Dog Tallinn, Estonia

Three Leg Dog is a psychedelic rock power-trio hailing from Tallinn, Estonia.
The band was formed in January of 2013, and is mainly influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kyuss etc.

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Track Name: Red Sun
Give me life, for I have lost my own
Show me truth, for it’s what I’ve never known
Sing of beauty, so that I may finally see
Together we have travelled, now travel on without me

Call me home, when the Red Sun paints the sea
Light my way, when the road strays away from me
Whisper love, so it won’t be trapped in other ears
Hold my hand, when the Red Sun calls our names

Oh tell me do you believe
Oh the Red Sun burns for me
Oh tell me now can’t you see
When the Red Sun shines I will be free

Love, don’t give in, don’t give it up. Love, don’t give in, don’t give it up
Track Name: Dog
As long as the rivers run to the sea
This dog of mine will always have a hold on me
White eyes, blue tail, never leaving me be
Am I biting him or is he biting me

A man’s not a man until he’s lost a fight
It takes a few black eyes for you to see the light, yeah

Just let go and enjoy the fall
Floating down we let go of it all

They tried to break me down but I broke free
Those vultures will never get a drop from

Me only
Come back to
Keep me from
Keep me from
Track Name: Stars
The cold turns the falling rain into gently floating snow
The old woman quietly says, “Oh young man, don’t you know?
Your heart may regret your sins, but your soul it is lost
No matter where you try to run, everybody pays the cost”

Many years have passed since then now the young man he is grown
Another winter brings the cold the man finds himself alone
He thinks of what she said that day almost ready to believe
But no matter where he runs, he will never be at peace

Another day dawns but the Sun can’t undo what was done
Feel the void staring back at your soul
It’s cold, cold in the darkness, you sense you’re soul sinking
There’s nothing left in this bitter heart to save

Stars are burning in the cold moon light
Her beautiful eyes are shining so bright
Oh Darling, Darling what can I do?
The stars are making me do this to you

A thousand eyes saw what was done
But all disappeared for the rising Sun
Oh heavens help her, what could she do?
Her undying love had died for you
Track Name: Wolf
Twist and turn, break the shell
Pour the poison down the well
See them drink it, drink as well
No more waking from the spell

Call the runners, call the priest
Light the candles for the feast
Send out word to far and wide
Tonight the Wolf will choose a bride

Look for the signs

Stars above, the Earth below
Treading softly through the snow
Soft embrace or tender bruise
Tonight’s the night she’ll have to choose

Look for the signs
Let go of your fear
For the Wolf draws near
Track Name: Fire
Oh you’re burning the fire, you’re stoking the flame
Oh you’re tearing the tire like no one’s to blame
Oh see how you suffer, they don’t understand
All your pillars of paper and the torch in your hand

Set a fire in my head
Oh darling they don’t understand

The lies that you told me turned out to be true
So darling I’m burning to get over you

All my hope and my sorrow, my pride and my pain
Trying to remember tomorrow and live for today
Track Name: Love Song
Give into the Sirens, they call you away
Transcending melodies make your mind sway
Your heart is an airship that’s yearning to soar
Resist the minds reason and go seek out more

The beauty the treacherous eyes lead you in
This echoing whisper calls out from within
What first seemed like heaven turned out to be hell
The Siren has got you deep under her spell

Sing this love song to me
Darling, make me believe
When there’s no light to see
I know you’ll still have me

The flickering light in the back of your mind
Holds on to the hope of escaping these ties
The defiance in your heart may resist, even so
The song of the Siren will never let go

I see myself soaring but I’ll never fly
The hunger inside me I cannot deny
I search on for truth but refuse to believe
This treacherous Siren has always been me
Track Name: Revolution
Oh draw a line down the road
Start off in the warm we arrive in the cold
Oh the dove and the crow
Untie the ribbon and watch it unfold

Our revolution solution

Feel the river blow after blow
The pulse of the current keeps you in tow
Separating the west from the east
A few more drops and we take down the beast
Track Name: Tiger
Let him in, let your worries float away
Oh you sweet thing, honey he’ll help you with your sorrow
Darling just follow, he will take you somewhere new
Feel it take you over, find the happiness you need

He will be your guide out from the Earth into the sky
He will take your dreams, dissolve and make them disappear

Let the light of your mind illuminate the path inside
A road of calm tranquility becomes a jungle of your fear

A Tiger crawls from your mouth, your ribs a stripes on either side
Feel it tearing at you, the grinning beast is finally free